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Thermography is the method of visualising a heat signature reflected from any surface. It's use is limitless from Industrial plant and equipment, agriculture, electrical distribution, home insulation surveys and lately bio-medical science.

All of CovElec's thermographers are fully trained and certified. They are qualified electricians with years of experience in the service and repair sector.

So from LV switch room, busbars, MCC rooms out to distribution boards our teams can ensure your power distribution network is not overloaded and balanced.

If you have a process using hot or cold forms of energy you could optimise the process using a certified thermographer to identify areas of improvement in either energy and cost reduction or process improvements.

CovElec use high definition cameras to undertake this work, we are always willing to discuss how we can help improve your process or operation and become part of your preventative action plan.

Laser Alignment

If you have trawled through our website you may have noticed a short video clip on why motors fail. One of the single most overlooked issues that cause motors and pumps to fail is undue stress placed on the bearings by misalignment of shafts and pulleys.

Therefore it would make sense for CovElec to have the means to assist in this critical support service. Almost all of our engineers have been trained in this discipline.