More than repairs and service 

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Rotary Blower sales, repair and service. 

Our skilled and trained technicians and engineers have expertise in repairing and services all types of blowers. Whether your blower needs a full overhaul, service or inspection. Our engineers are fully trained to undertake the works you require.

We have many years’ experience working on the sale and technical specification of all different manufactures of blowers, to help you make an informed decision when purchasing a new or replacement unit. 

If you have a blower in need of servicing or repair, we are available 24hr on 0116 2698111 Let our expertise get your plant up and running.

New or old, small or large we will expertly repair your blower using OEM parts where available. When you send your blower to us for repair, we will disassemble and inspect the unit. Report all our finding and actions needed to complete an effective and quality repair. We will clean, rebuild, paint and test your blower to original factory tolerances including any machining or fabrication work required

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Common Faults 

  • Gear end seizure (rotor to head plate) - Failure caused by reduction of the end clearance
  • Rotor tip tub -Failure caused by the case distorting around either port, or the rotor being deflected due to excessive over pressurisation and rubbing case bore around the inlet port area.
  • Drive and seizure (rotor to head plate) - Failure cause by the rotors growing in length due to excessive temperature rise due to over pressurisation.
  • Damage gear teeth and or bearings - Failure caused by running the blower with improper lubricant.
  • Rotor clashing - Failure caused by the rotors swinging towards each other and clashing at point of contra flexure.
  • Not preforming at the specified rate - Failure is cause by increasing of internal clearances
  • Broken drive shaft - Failure is caused by excessive side load on the shaft.
  • Jamming -  Failure is caused by a foreign object entering the blower.