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ABB Motors and Drives IE3 IE4 IE5 Cov-Elec are part of ABB Motors and Drives distribution network having unique access to book motors from stocks held across europe.

Our stock of motors at CovElec are from 0.09Kw to 315Kw in 2 4 6 8 Pole with options for Foot, Flange and Face mounting.

CovElec are authorised to carry out energy audits, motor selection, sales and warranty repairs on behalf of ABB Motors and Drives.

If your business wants robust proven, energy efficient products "fit for purpose" with options to customise to suit your specific requirements then allow us to select the correct motor from the various ranges of cast iron, extruded alloy, safe area and ATEX to deliver a clear advantage for you and your business.

Hygienic motors for food and beverage

ABB's motors for food and beverage will help you to achieve better efficiency and reliability without compromising food safety

If you have issues with wash-down or hygiene in your production or process areas this new motor is for you, smooth surfaces, no cooling fan or cowl, total wash-down proof. If you have responsibility for hygiene in your business then this product should be at the top of your "to do list"

ABB stainless steel washdown motor

Energy efficient ABB portfolio

ABB have brought to the marketABB IE5 Magnet-Free Motor the worlds first magnet-free IE5 motor for fixed speed applications

Until now variable speed, quadratic loads such as pumps and fans have been the main focus on motor development. Here now is a motor classed as a game changer, the applications are endless.

If you and your business are looking to drastically reduce your energy costs and and gain a competitive advantage while further reducing your carbon emissions this new product should be at the top of your evaluation list. 

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Why CovElec is an ABB 

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ABB Optimizer motor selection tool

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